Terms & Conditions / Warning

Mother City SkyDiving is a Members-Only Recreational Sports Club approved by and affiliated to the Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) – CAA / ARO 0004

Skydiving and Parachuting operations are conducted in accordance with the PASA Manual of Procedures (MOPs) and part 105 of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Regulation, and as per terms and conditions laid down by Mother City SkyDiving Club.

Skydiving and parachuting are considered extreme sports and high-risk activities.

Being on a drop zone, on an airfield, around aircraft, flying generally, participating in skydiving and parachuting and all related elements of these activities exposes you to some new risks, which, like a lot of things, may cause or result in serious injury or death.

You must participate voluntarily, and accept the risks in exchange for the enjoyment the activity offers.

Participation, and even spectating, is entirely at your own risk.

You will be required to read, understand, complete, and sign a legally binding Exclusion of Liability, Indemnity Form, Assumption of Risk Agreement, and Medical Questionnaire and Declaration, and must assume personal responsibility for yourself, and for decisions regarding your safety.

Medical conditions, disabilities or injuries which could affect your safety should be discussed in advance with your doctor. The outcome of that discussion is for your own interpretation – we accept that you are medically fit when you arrive to jump.

Jump times, exit altitudes and freefall times are approximate and depenant on a number of factors and variables – jump times, exit altitudes and freefall times are not guaranteed.

Mother City SkyDiving reserves the right to deny participation to any individual, for any reason, at our discretion.

Anyone who is, or appears to be, under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused permission to skydive.

Please respect the rules and regulations of the club and pay particular attention to briefings and instruction provided.

Management reserves the right to amend / cancel / add terms & conditions without notice.

All terms & conditions are subject to South African Law & Jurisdiction.

Membership forms are available on application to the committee.


Mother City SkyDiving / FullHouse Aviation / Sky High Tandems / Soul Flyers – Owners / Operators / Staff / Management / Agents – shall not be responsible or liable for any accident, injury, death, loss, destruction or damages of any kind to any person or property, whether arising from fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever howsoever and by whomsoever caused or arising even if from negligence or wrongful acts or omissions.

Cancelation Policy

We will make every effort to contact you a day or two ahead of time to advise of the anticipated atmospheric conditions, to confirm jump times, and pick-up times and places.

Please understand that there are a number of elements that all need to align to make every skydive happen.

Please try to be flexible, patient and relaxed whilst we do everything we can to make your skydive happen.

Should it not be possible to move your booking to a mutually acceptable time and date, a refund (less any expenses incurred) will be made.

If however you fail to arrive on time or decide to cancel at the last minute, you may well forfeit your booking deposit.