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The sky is not the limit…

it’s a playground!

We are full-time air-sports professionals with many hours of airtime and thousands of jumps between us

We jump daily, year-round, and genuinely love to fly

Skydiving is our passion


It is our privilege to introduce you to our big playground in the sky

Come join us for “the ride of your life”

No previous experience is required, just a good sense of adventure…

Welcome to our world

Our Team
Waldo Prinsloo

Waldo Prinsloo - Tandem Instructor / Camera Flyer

Waldo is the current National Wingsuiting Champion and busy training for the Wingsuit World Championships. When not jumping out of aircraft he can be found in the mountains… If found please return to drop zone.

Tommy Venter

Tommy Venter - Camera Flyer

Resident Camera Flyer and extreme sports enthusiast, Tommy likes to jump out of aircraft… or on his dirt bikes…

He also moonlights as a Punk Rock Drummer.

Quintin van Vuuren

Quintin van Vuuren - Chief Parachute Packer

Quintin has personally packed thousands of parachutes… with his bare hands. He manages the parachute packing area, doubles at the drop zone bouncer… and moonlights as a specialist sports conditioning coach.  

Pieter van Aswegen

Pieter van Aswegen - AMO / Airfield Boss

Specialising in taking apart, fixing and building lots of different aircraft…  Pieter likes to take things apart, build and fix things. Sometimes on a Sunday morning we call Pieter just to say “hi, please come fix” something.  

Mikey Wooldridge

Mikey moonlights a skydiver in the northern hemisphere summer. A Cape Tonian, he spends the South African summer jumping full time at Mother City.

Mike Rumble

Mike Rumble - Drop Zone Operator

Mike has been either part of or responsible for numerous cool crazy skydiving adventures across Southern Africa for the past decade. He has jumped in 14 countries from the Arctic Circle to the Southern tip of Africa, and has arrived from the sky into all kinds of high-profile events and parties! For Mike, the next…

Kyle Jones-Phillipson

Kyle Jones-Phillipson - Parachute Packer / Video Editor

Kyle when not skydiving does hand stands, cart wheels, rides a unicycle, skates and surfs. When you fly in the sky, Kyle will fly around you and film you..

Katie Levick

Katie Levick - Video Editor

A professional photographer and post-production specialist, Katie edits all the awesome video footage so you can re-live your jump over and over again.

Karen Potgieter

Karen Potgieter - Management / Advisory / Camera Flyer

Sometimes in a bunny suit, sometimes in a business suit.

Karen holds a senior position at a multinational professional services company… and moonlights at the drop zone when she can!


Jean-Jacques Wallis

Jean-Jacques Wallis - Tandem Instructor / Camera Flyer

JJ made his first skydive when he was 12 years old and has spent most of his life since then on drop zones. A PRO Canopy Pilot, avid BASE jumper and crazy Wingsuit Proximity flyer, JJ the Rock Star… likes to be in the air or in the mountains. If found, please return to drop…

Jaun Burger

Jaun Burger - Drop Zone Manager

As a youngster Jaun was a talented gymnast and high board diver…

Once he discovered skydiving there was no turning back…

Hans Potgieter

Hans Potgieter - DZ Aviator

Hans has amassed a wealth of experience in his 34 years of flying. He is rated on multiple different aircraft types and has flown all around the world.

Graham Field

Graham Field - Master SkyDiver

Graham has been skydiving for 28 years, has been awarded national colours three times, and recently received Aero Club Gold Wings in recognition of outstanding service to sports and recreational aviation.

He is the Chairman of the Parachute Association of South Africa… and loves to jump out of anything that flies, anytime, anywhere…

Fred Potgieter

Fred Potgieter - Management / Chief Safety Officer / Tandem Instructor / Camera Flyer

Hooked on skydiving since his first jump, Fred thoroughly enjoys all aspects of human body flight.

He loves jumping out of aircraft, off mountains… and flying his FPV Drones.


Chandré Roestorff

Chandré Roestorff - Bookings / Manifest and Admin

Chandré manages all aspects of enquiries, bookings and administration.

She will be your point of contact, will give you all the information you need, and will keep you updated about weather conditions and timings.

Burger – Pilot

Burger - Drop Zone Pilot

Burger has thousands of hours of flying skydivers to altitude and coming back down on his own. He loves to fly… especially in cross winds… When he isn’t flying he is dreaming about flying… and cross winds…

Mother City SkyDiving is an Air-Sports Club

Please respect the rules of the club, understand that you are on private property, and appreciate that this is a working airfield.

We ask that you drive slowly on the gravel road, pay attention to any briefings and / or instruction given, and tidy-up after yourselves.

Come out, make yourselves comfortable, jump as much as you can, be safe, fly safe and have fun.

Blue Skies

Mother City SkyDiving


We are licenced by Recreation Aviation Administration South Africa (RAASA) and an affiliated member of both the Parachute Association South Africa (PASA) and the Association of Drop Zone Operators (ADZO)

SkyDiving and Parachuting operations are conducted in accordance with the PASA Manual of Procedures and Part 105 of the Civil Aviation Regulation.

CAA / ARO / 0004

The Drop Zone

Diepkloof Airfield is just off the N7 Highway, approximately 70km from Cape Town / 14 km north of Malmesbury

Click here for directions

The View From Altitude

Spectacular views of the entire region including Table Mountain, the Cape Coastline, Kasteelberg, and more…

The drop zone itself is surrounded by picturesque farm and wine lands

Advance booking is essential

Please be sure to read our terms and conditions and disclaimer