Sport SkyDiving

Join us for lots of gravity-powered fun in the sun

Less than an hour from Cape Town

7-days a week

Spectacular Views

Awesome Jumps

Cool Vibe

Operational Days & Times

Operations are structured around atmospheric conditions, operational capabilities, and bookings.

Call or email to find out the best times to come out.

Minimum Jump Numbers / Experience Levels Apply

PASA B-Licence or FAI equivalent

Own equipment

Must be current

Your First Visit

You’ll need to make a time, come out, fill out our forms, have your equipment checked out, be approved to jump, and be briefed.

You will be required to make a solo orientation descent, and to demonstrate your proficiency before being allowed to manifest.

Bring your best attitude, your log book, licence, equipment, and anything else you need to make your stay comfortable.

Slot Rates

Slot rates vary depending on aircraft, operational efficiency and altitude achieved

We work to keep our slot rates low and our altitude high


Pre-manifest is only available to members who are already cleared to jump.

Thanks for your support

The more support we get the higher we will go and the faster we will get there.