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Feel the freedom of Flying with Mother City SkyDiving

For as long as I’ve been dreaming and remember those dreams to be more specific, I’ve had at least 5 successful flights, but little did I know that flying in reality would be as exhilarating as it was when I flew for the first time with Mother City SkyDiving just outside of Malmesbury.


Our new ‘Adventure of the Month’ blog post is going to have all you thrill seekers covered, as we will be uncovering all the top adventure experiences you can do in and around Cape Town.

Skydive over the West Coast

Exhilaration, adrenaline and excitement. That’s what went through my body as I jumped from a moving plane 10 000 feet above the ground. And you can too. Skydiving over the West Coast with Mother City SkyDiving offers views that stretch from the Cederberg, Table Mountain and Robben Island through to Cape Point.

Go Sky Diving in Cape Town

Man is not meant to fly. The words continued to bounce around my head as I made my way out to Mother City Sky Diving. In just over an hour I would be making my first tandem jump and it’s fair to say I was feeling a touch nervous.

Skydiving Madness – Mothercity Skydive with Adam Spires – List of Things to do in Cape Town

What is it like to THROW YOURSELF OUT OF A PLANE with a WINGSUIT? Come along for a first hand experience! Thanks to Mother City SkyDiving – Cape Town for an awesome experience. For more info hit them up at or go to

My First Skydive – Cape Chameleon

WORDS Jana Uellendahl From a very young age, I have been afraid of heights. I don’t know why but I always made up stories in my mind like, ‘What would happen if?’ This fear led me to read up about phobias and many psychologists advise actually doing what it is you’re so afraid of.

Open the skies and let the games begin! – Travel To South Africa

While South Africa has a year-round skydiving season due to our superior weather, traditionally, the first day of spring on 1 September, marks the official

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